What is LineBee and how does it work?

LineBee is an application that shows how you can get from one place to another by public transport in the city.
By calculating the information of all the public transportation means within the city (bus, metro, metrobüs, tram, sea lines...),
it specifies the time at which stops and the approximate duration and distance of the trip.

from Where to Where

You choose your location information automatically, by selecting from a map or by searching for a stop and from where you want to go.

Clock and Other Options

The day and time the trip will be made, the vehicle to be used, the maximum walking distance between stops and the waiting time parameters and plan your trip accordingly.

Solutions listed

5 solutions are listed according to the parameters you selected.

Travel planned

All the travel steps of a solution you choose from the 5 solutions listed are detailed and shown on the map.

Live Tracking

When you plan your trip, we have the option of "Live Tracking", which allows you to check if you are on the right route. You can follow your progress on the drawn route instantly on the map.

Smart Stop

There is smart stop information on the stop page. With Smart Stop, you can see the lines that pass through selected duties and how long they will be dutiful.


We offer you the opportunity to easily receive your screen displays such as stops, lines, line timetables, routes you have selected. This way, you can save screenshots you take or share on social media.

LineBee Features

Easy access to the departure times of the lines

User interaction on the stops page

Easy to use for every user

Instantly Share

Modern design

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